Great teaching is valuable

Here is an article which talks about the fees charged by private tutors.

It seems that many rich folk think “getting into Oxbridge” is the aim of education. As a Cambridge graduate myself, I’d disagree.  Undergraduates at even the best UK universities often find difficulty in getting access to senior-level experts -they will have supervisions with downtrodden postdocs who have no incentive and usually little ability in teaching.

Great teaching, which results in the ability to build robust, fundamental knowledge, is simply very rare these days. I can understand that taxpayers feel they have already paid…and all they got was a third rate school for their children. That makes me incandescent, mostly because children deserve access to excellence in schools (which also means excellence in subject knowledge).

I wonder if people really do value an education for their offspring which goes beyond the absolute basics…or are they really more concerned about social standing? Why is no-one rioting because little Johnny still dislikes fractions or optics after n years at school?

The current labour rate for tyre fitting in my local town is £48 per hour.

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