I also offer tuition in entrepreneurship. This covers starting a new company, management of intellectual property, entrepreneur mentoring and product development.

The following testimonials are comments made by participants in my entrepreneurship training events.

Entrepreneurship training testimonials

“It was great to meet you. It was the best presentation we ever saw.”

Business owner, Newcastle (Visiting Inventor event)
“@PatrickRAndrews realised I MAY be able to be an entrepreneur when listening 2 ur talk at HWCrucible last yr. Founded @NovoScience last Oct”

Pamela Cameron, @cam_pam
“Thank you for a very interesting presentation today.”

Academic, Newcastle University
“It was a really interesting talk and I got a lot of useful pointers from it.”

Design Student, Newcastle University (Visiting Inventor event)
“Thank you very much for your time and excellent presentation: I have had very good feedback from the attendees and hope some of the attendees will engage with you towards commercialisation.”

Professor Kishan Dholakia, University of St Andrews
Thank you… for organising and running the Enterprise and Entrepreneurship course this week. I understand it was a very successful 3 days and full of interesting engaging activity and involvement from the research students.”

Alan Settery, Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance
“My students filled in questionnaires and one of the (many) things they said was that they loved your [presentation], and want more on patents, innovation and creativity.”

Dr Carmen Torres-Sánchez, Heriot-Watt University
“Thank you for the brilliant course and advice.”

Ph.D. business founder, Dundee
“I have already crystalized an idea for a new software business in this 3-day course.”

Murali Krishna Emani, graduate student
“Excellent workshop. Absolutely enjoyed it!”

Koorosh Korfi, university researcher
“Thanks Patrick, it was a great couple of days.”

Catriona Macintyre-Beon, graduate student
“It was a great trip and course and inspirational for the future.”

Affar Karimullah, graduate student
“I truly enjoyed the energy that Patrick put into it as it was so easy to absorb all the material, without realising it at the time. Many thanks!”

Shadia Mikhael, university researcher
“Very interesting and enjoyable course. Great presenter and friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended!”

Roman Kutlak, graduate student
“It was fantastic. I loved every bit.”

Sadek Ferdous, graduate student
“The workshop was a great learning experience for informatics students.”

Soumvadeb Chowdhury, graduate student
“Very helpful to understand the world of startup businesses.”

Researcher, University of Edinburgh
“To me your course was very inspiring.”

Hassan, inventor
“It was really interesting to see a very new perspective.”

Graduate student, SUPA
“The course is very useful.”

Shuailong Zhang
“Good course, enjoyable.”

Jon Day, PostDoc industrial researcher
“I’d just like to thank you for running the enterprise course. I learnt a lot and gained a lot of inspiration.”

E. Thomson, graduate student
“For bringing the TED conference to my attention, and for the eyes-opening course ‘Into the world of business’, thanks goes to Patrick Andrews.”

G. Markov, Ph.D. thesis acknowledgements
“I had such a good time, it really got my thoughts in order about where to go next with my business ideas and I’m sure I’ll be asking for your advice in the future. I did really rate the whole 3 days very highly.”

S. Grey, graduate student
“I would highly recommend this course to future researchers.”

D. Bannon, graduate student
“Massive amount of useful, relevant information. Thanks again for an excellent course.”

L. Wiseman, university researcher
“Your seminar was very good and informative. Thanks for organizing it.”

M. Spurny, graduate student
“Very enjoyable and I learnt a lot.”

J. McLachlan, graduate student
“I’ve had really positive feedback from the participants in your workshops.”

E. Adams, University of Glasgow
“I thought your talk was excellent, especially given the short schedule you were working to.”

R. Neiland, University of St Andrews
“Many thanks again for an inspiring course”.

D. Greenwood, graduate student
“Thank you very much for a good and useful day. It was great.”

K. Meikas, software engineer
“Excellent speakers, good coverage of subject matter, great venue, very useful contacts made.”

Participant, SUPA Enterprise and Entrepreneurship for Researchers
“I had three very interesting, useful and at times very entertaining days, thank you very much!”

Participant, SUPA Enterprise and Entrepreneurship for Researchers
“In sum, I have a great experience during this course and really found something I learned should be useful for my career. Therefore, I would like to thank the support from SUPA to enable us SUPA students to attend such wonderful and useful course free of charge. And also I would like to thank all the organisers and speakers, especially, Patrick Andrews.”

Participant, SUPA Enterprise and Entrepreneurship for Researchers
“Excellent. I wish there is a part 2 intermediate and part 3 advanced course for the same group of people. (It is a long-term investment in business and customer relationship, as all speakers said.)”

Participant, SUPA Enterprise and Entrepreneurship for Researchers
“Great course! Thanks very much to Patrick and Elizabeth for making it happen.”

Participant, SUPA Enterprise and Entrepreneurship for Researchers

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