Explanet Physics and Maths Tuition

Having trouble with Physics or Maths?
We offer expert private Physics and Maths tuition in Crieff, Scotland.

We provide one-to-one tutoring for Maths and Physics qualifications at:

  • Scottish National 4 and National 5 (Maths and Physics)
  • Scottish Higher and Advanced Higher (Maths only)
  • English GCSE (Maths only)

We also offer one-to-one maths coaching for students from Primary 5 onwards.

In addition, we provide University entrance guidance and coaching – insightful preparation for the most demanding tests and interview procedures (eg Cambridge, Medicine…)

Our approach emphasises genuine understanding through explanation, analogy and problem solving.

Covid-19 update for students and parents

Welcome to the new academic year! For the time being, we’re offering our standard one-to-one tuition sessions via Zoom call.

Explanet Curiosity Scholarship

For the 2021-22 Academic year, we are donating a year’s tuition in the form of the first Explanet Curiosity Scholarship.

Are you the kind of student who likes Maths and/or Physics, but can’t get answers to the questions you have?
Do you always want to understand, rather than just get through an exam?
Perhaps you feel like you could be achieving more than your academic results indicate.

Starting in September, we’re offering one Perthshire student a year’s free weekly tutorial via Zoom.

Interested students (not parents!) should email scholarship@explanet.co.uk with a 300 word outline describing

  • Why they would benefit from the tuition.
  • How their enthusiasm for Maths and/or Physics has expressed itself.
  • Their top 3 burning questions.

The deadline for applications is 1st July 2021.
The Scholarship winner will be notified by 1st August 2021.
Scholarship begins: 1st September 2021.

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