Explanet Physics and Maths Tuition

Having trouble with Physics or Maths?
We offer expert private Physics and Maths tuition in Crieff, Scotland.

We provide one-to-one tutoring for Maths and Physics qualifications at:

  • Scottish National 4 and National 5 (Maths and Physics)
  • Scottish Higher and Advanced Higher (Maths only)
  • English GCSE (Maths only)

We also offer one-to-one maths coaching for students from Primary 5 onwards.

In addition, we provide University entrance guidance and coaching – insightful preparation for the most demanding tests and interview procedures (eg Cambridge, Medicine…)

Our approach emphasises genuine understanding through explanation, analogy and problem solving.

Covid-19 update for students and parents

Exams have been cancelled!
(But many young people will still need to understand maths and physics to have a future career when all this is over.)

One-to-one mentoring

We’re still offering our standard face-to-face tuition sessions, and will continue to do so until Government restrictions or other circumstances prevent this.

If any student, or any member of a student’s household, is showing symptoms of coronavirus, please don’t come for your scheduled session. Instead, please contact us by email or phone and we can discuss how best to proceed.

New schoolwork-at-home service

In addition to our usual one-to-one mentoring, we’re now offering a personalised schoolwork-at-home service.

Students get sent 10 questions to try to answer per week in Maths or Physics (set broadly at age-appropriate National 5 and Higher levels).

I reply with detailed, personalised corrections and maintain a confidential score sheet, so parents can monitor progress.

This costs £15 per student, per subject, per week.

If you’re interested in this service, please contact us by email, phone or leave a message via Facebook. We hope to have more information about this new service on the website soon.

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