SQA exam notes

SQA – NQ – Past Papers and Marking Instructions. It’s worth taking a particular look at the rules which examiners have to follow.


This is my favourite wired.com blog.

I really admire Rhett Allain’s enthusiasm and his willingness to try out explanations of physical phenomena -very publicly.

This gives a clear insight into how physicists (and engineers and applied mathematicians ) think. There is a great deal of working through thought experiments and iterating towards a theory which accounts well for the known observations.

Definitely worth a read-through.


What is the future of education? -Khan Academy

Sometimes, if you aren’t getting a new concept, it’s really useful to hear someone else’s version.

Here is a video about Khan Academy. This represents the future of education and is also a great place to get an additional perspective on a wide variety of interesting topics.


Are textbooks infallible?

In case you were in any doubt, the scientific literature is not error free. Text books are still frequently written which contain misconceptions (as distinct from poor explanations).

This site offers a pretty strident criticism of many such publications, together with a clearer interpretation of much of the underlying thinking.