Our tutor

Patrick Andrews
Explanet tutoring is provided by Patrick Andrews.

Patrick says:

“I’m an inventor, an entrepreneur and a parent to three wonderful daughters.

My academic career has included some successes (and a number of stupid decisions) at a variety of institutions including Heriot-Watt University (PhD) and St John’s College, Cambridge (MSc).

A former Chartered Engineer, I have worked in management consultancies (PA Consulting in the 80s and Generics in the 90s) and high-tech startups in addition to Academe (as a postdoc in the Applied Mathematics department at Cambridge).

I’m the co-founder of Hawkshaw Product Design, a company specialising in creating and commercialising intellectual property in the US.

I love using Physics and Maths to explain things, to myself as well as other people – hence Explanet. ”

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