SQA exam notes

SQA – NQ – Past Papers and Marking Instructions. It’s worth taking a particular look at the rules which examiners have to follow.

Complex numbers

What happens when you try to take the square root of -1?

Here are some useful examples.


This is my favourite wired.com blog.

I really admire Rhett Allain’s enthusiasm and his willingness to try out explanations of physical phenomena -very publicly.

This gives a clear insight into how physicists (and engineers and applied mathematicians ) think. There is a great deal of working through thought experiments and iterating towards a theory which accounts well for the known observations.

Definitely worth a read-through.


Plus magazine

Here is an online magazine with some really great content -from introductory to quite advanced.  A good source of ideas and explanations.

Maths teaching (video)

Here‘s maths teacher Dan Meyer talking about how to get people buying into maths problems by asking a simple question and removing all the spoon-feeding steps (including plugging numbers into formulae).

This man is super-enthusiastic, as well as a very clear thinker.